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First 2010 news
added: 12.01.2010 14:26:47

A’s Amazing Night & A’s Deadliest Catch spent their weekend well in Estonia gaining following results:


9.1.2010 TARTU all-breed show


Labradors, Mats Jonsson, Sweden

Portuguese Waterdogs, Anne Livo Buvik, Norway



BM-2 A's Deadliest Catch "Terho"



BB-1 junior-CAC BOB-junior BOS, A's Amazing Night "Neela"

(Neela made final cut in the BIS-junior competition)



10.1.2010 VAIMASTVERE group show

judge for both breeds, Tina Sulce, Latvia



BM-1 junior-CAC BOB-junior BOS, "Terho"

BB-2 A's Vitis Labrusca "Nelly"



BB-1 junior-CAC -> EE&LT JCH!!! BOB-junior BOB, "Neela"



They both did a splendid job considering their young age, both being just 10 months!

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